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Rape culture is a nasty bit of work. It exceeds all expectations in finding new ways to conjure harm. In truth, my experiences in it shake my foundations and faith in humanity. Sometimes, I don’t recognize how I make it through the day trusting anyone. …

Inside ChimpMania: Racism Thriving During #BLACKLIVESMATTER and George Floyd

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The first rule of ChimpMania, is that ChimpMania is “for bashing: (1) niggers, (2) traitorous coal burners and oil drillers; and (3) nigger lovers — ONLY!!” And as a testimony to its grand humanity, “there will be NO bashing of…

Whether OnlyFans or other services, men are finding that digital sex work is just that — work

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Alex (not his real name) would never have considered himself a sex worker. But in early March 2020, around the start of the Covid-19 crisis and after months of prodding from his substantial following on Twitter and Instagram, he set up an OnlyFans account. For $13 a month, those followers…

Owning your sexuality — and recognizing that fatherhood doesn’t need to be about hardness — presents a necessary alternative

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JJoseph Guthrie came out as bisexual when he was 32. Acknowledging his sexuality didn’t unravel his sense of himself as a man or as a father. On the contrary: It only seemed to embolden his sense that no single perceived trait could define him. His family, though, felt differently. His…

By Steven Underwood

Mama always told me to stay away from the Voodoo Queens out along Negro Knocks, where the black folk were loud, opinionated and troublesome.

“Them Devil Worshippers crawl across those pavements like ticks to an ass. Don’t come ‘round there lest you want your soul to be low.” …

by Steven Underwood

Nothing worthwhile is found in the streets. Before this September, if I were to walk home from school, I’d assume to find the usual swaying my head low, scanning the ground to dodge the broken glass and eye contact: a used needle (Retail: $20 per pack of…

Black Boys and Bird-Chests, or the Racialized Legacy of Body Dysmorphia in African-American Men

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The burn in my chest the first and last time a friend’s mom punched me was the final time I allowed myself to be okay with having a “bird-chest” and lanky arms. I remember the thought…

Steven Underwood

Writer on Black Masculinity and Digital Culture. Columnist at Cassius Life. Twitter Fool. Bylines: Oprah Mag, LEVEL, BET, MTV NEWS, LGBTQ NATION, Essence

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